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Peru vacation

A package tour Peru, how does it work?

You think about your own package tour Peru, a vacation in South america? As an individual you travel, from city to city. Your hotels are booked in Peru, and you have the fly, -bus and train tickets for your vacation. Peru has become quite used to independant travellers, there are plenty of travel agencies with excursions in the place of you stay. On excursions you will meet travellers from different countrys, and usually there is an English speaking guide from Peru.

A package tour Peru, is it dangerous?

Peru vacation

Some people think, a journey through Peru, on your own, is not safe. We believe that Peru is safe enough for tourism. Peru may have a dangerous reputation, but the reality is that the Government in Peru supports tourism, and the places you go to, have plenty security. You will feel safe on vacation. Also, the people in Peru welcome european travellers. Travel in Bolivia is sometimes problematic, frequently there are strikes and roadblocks where the transport is stopped. For tourism in Bolivia, you may need some extra time, and some adaptability in your vacation.

Just build your package tour Peru

Peru Tours encourages you to determine your own vacation package. Use the tours you find on any website as sample, to give you an idea. You have every opportunity to define your tour package in Peru (and Bolivia). Please send us your email with your ideas for your individual trip in Peru. We will carefully answer your questions!