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Peru Tours, cheap and reliable

All staff live in Peru, so the middle of the current situation of the country. We donīt want to disperse our attention to other countries, so we limit our activities just to Peru and Bolivia. Peru Tours, stands for Dutch reliability! Here in Peru we select hotels with a favorable price and recommend it to you. In this way we can arrange for you a cheap and pleasant vacation package.

Peru Tours, a travel agency far-away

Perhaps you donīt trust to do business with a "far away" travel agency in Peru. Peru Tours is not based in the Netherlands, so we do our work in Peru. How do we work? Online, via email and telephone we define with you, your desired vacation package. You will receive an email invoice. Once your payment arrives, by email you will receive some vouchers already in electronic form. In this way, your trip is arranged immediately, often within 7 days. The paper receipts or vouchers will remain in Peru, you will receive them upon your arrival in Lima.

Peruvian Economy

Peru is a third world country, so it has no promising reputation. But once you're here you will see that a lot is funcioning very well. Generally, hotels and transport companies in Peru and are financially stable, and they have large turnover. Even in the current european crisis, however this is limited: Peru is one of the few countries where the economic crisis shows little problems. Many years the economic growth was very high, above 5% (annualized), and the growth rate is currently almost 6% in Peru. Below a chart of the last 5 years
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Peru's economic growth, according to the Banco Central de Reserva.