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Machu Picchu, Inca city

A highlight of the vacation in Peru is the intact Inca city Machu Picchu. One of the most beautiful and enigmatic ancient sites in the world, and the most famous city of Peru, at 2400 meters altitude. The Inca secret ceremonial city is invisible from below, thousands of feet above Urubamba river.

Machu Picchu, when to go

Many Machu Picchu tours start at daybreak, as travellers get up early to see the sun rise in Machu Picchu. The tours in the in the dry season might have misty clouds over Machu Picchu in the morning, so the sunrise will be less visible. But even than it is very mysterious tour, to see these deserted ruins hidden in Peru. Travel in the wet season to Machu Picchu is rainy but acceptable, because of the warmer weather. So one can travel to Machu Picchu both seasons, but take rain gear along your tours in Peru!

Machu Picchu travel

Myths indicate that Machu Picchu, surrounded by the peaks of Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu mountain, was revered as a sacred place from a far before Inca time. However, it has rainy weather and the Incas grew crops on the terraces of Machu Picchu. They held ceremonies at Machu Picchu Intihuatana stone to warship the sun.
Travel to Machu Picchu at the equinox to see how Intihuatana relates to the sun . See the stone blocks in Machu Picchu of 50 tons or more.
And unfortunately, notice at your Peru vacation, the name is often misspelled as machu pichu.

Peru Tours wishes you good weather in Machu Picchu

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